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How use TimeProof?

To use the TimeProof platform, simply Register, log in and choose the right plan for you. Evidence is recorded by video or screen image capture. To do this, simply download the Extension in your browser, and use it on the desired page.

Digital proofs are captured and generated in a few minutes, accessing the platform you will be able to follow all the registered content, along with the metadata and technical report.


TimeProof uses blockchain technology, decentralized storage, metadata collection and end-to-end encryption, resigning from the most modern technologies on the market throughout the evidence registration process, aiming at the security and effectiveness of the method.

Our team

We are a team of lawyers, developers and entrepreneurs who are building companies that use Blockchain technology to streamline legal processes, automate contracts and make commerce fairer and less bureaucratic.

Type of Proofs


The user can capture the screen on any website. These images will appear in the generated report.

Screen Recording

With this function, users can record any website they are viewing on their screen. These videos are stored in a decentralized database, and the user can view them through the generated report.


Metadata is extracted from the page and registered directly to the blockchain, without the possibility of modification or tampering by third parties.


All information is recorded on the Polygon Blockchain network, making the records transparent and incorruptible.